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Social Phobia During Pandemic

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Social Phobia During Pandemic | 07.09.2021

Due to the covid epidemic we are experiencing, we have been exposed to many restrictions that limit our social life. The long duration of the epidemic and the unknown when it will end have greatly affected the psychology of people. Social Phobia ıs effective on 13% of the community.

Social anxiety occurs in social situations where the person is worried that they will be criticized or judged by others.Before the pandemic, even if they had social anxiety, millions of people were struggling with it by being exposed to or socializing in social situations..

During the epidemic, everyone retreated to their homes and virtual environments. When these people return to their school, work and social life after the epidemic, they will find that they have lost the fronts they had won by fighting against social phobia. They will start over, or they will not start at all and close at home. We would like to see you at the pandemic and social phobia panel where we will discuss this issue.

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